Sunday, June 15, 2014

i am in love with summer

for real, you guys.

summer is so... Narnian. well, i guess spring is the real seasonal hero of Narnia, but that's neither here nor there.

the point is, the winter has gone, the ice has melted, and it's summer.
and please. summer in pennslvania > summer anywhere else > summer in dallas.

because? summer in dallas is too hot to go outside is flip flops and shorts is sweat on your brow is mosquitos is ice cold drinks is air conditioning.

summer in pennsylvania? bliss. it mean bonfires and s'mores and sweatshirts and windows open and fresh breezes and evenings on the porch and meeting your neighbors and falling in love.

i'm typing this up on a sunday evening, sitting on the front porch. it's beautiful. the sun is trying to go down, i have a light blanket draped across my lap. i'm sipping on some chilled water out of an antique wine glass because i believe in the value of appreciating - and using - what you have instead of saving it for a special occasion. i'm enjoying the breeze and just capturing the moment. i'm noticing that i'm more tanned than i've been in years, because it's okay to go outside in the summer in pennsylvania.

chris is reading next to me, but he is also eating popcorn to remind me that some things never change.

lest you think this post means life is perfect, i'm pretty sure today's dishes are still in the sink, and there are still books on the living room floor from lincoln pulling them off the shelf this morning. there's probably a half-finished load of laundry in the basement begging to be transferred to the dryer.

you know what? that stuff can all wait until tomorrow - because i'm too busy flirting with summer. i want to send summer love letters and ask it to the sadie hawkins dance.

i wonder if it'll think i'm weird if i send one of those "check yes or no" notes to it?

cheers, summer. thanks for being... you.