Monday, May 5, 2014

i am trying to be content

i've got to admit something to you guys.
even though i'm the one from pa, i'm the one with family here, and sometimes i feel like i'm the one who dragged chris and lincoln across the country, i've been struggling.

i miss dallas.

i miss nina and the boy clothes she would give us. when lincoln is growing as fast as he is, and with how expensive toddler clothes are, that was so nice!
i miss the ormeshers and our garage sales - really, i do! i also miss just hanging out and going to lunch
i miss our home groups - both the old original group, and the stigall group as well. they each provided their own sense of accountability
i miss maia and cakeballs on a whim and spray painting cages and toms and dogsitting
i miss april and that she would come chat with me and lincoln after the 9am service, that she helped us load up the u-haul getting ready to move
i miss serving in the recovery ministry
i miss the downstairs neighbors, especially jeri, lincoln's girlfriend/babysitter and the nights she gave us to be just a married couple
i miss my residents and fellows, and even some of my docs, as tough as they were to deal with

i miss avocados for 30 cents / thai food / central market / flip flops in april / small coffee shops / chuy's / white rock lake / the skyline / the farmer's market / the arboretum / game nights with friends / hot pot / korean food / walks through the village / riding the train / parkland / the homes in highland park / my favorite urgent care center / pinkberry / the DMA and klyde warren park / lower greenville / northpark / ...

i've really been thinking about things like that recently. i haven't been thinking about the sweaters i'll get to wear this summer while dallas is 110 degrees, or that i can walk a quarter mile down the road to pick up fresh neighborhood honey. or even more importantly, that i came here for a purpose. i came here for family and to be a part of a church plant.

then i drove home today and listened to the song below on spotify. man, it killed me. i cried on the way home as i realized that i really am right where i'm supposed to be. it was a refreshing point of view that i haven't had lately, and somewhere i needed to rest.

it gave me a reminder that i don't need thai food or flip flops to be content. i need jesus and the holy spirit, and i need to be content with where he has me instead of questioning him or rushing to do things my way.

so, even though we live in a part of the country where people are hesitant to make solid friends, right when we need them, even though the avocados cost $1.50 each (ouch!), even though there's no central market anywhere close to us... we're right where we're supposed to be.