Saturday, March 1, 2014

i am not sentimental

i was driving to the city the other day, on a road i've driven on many times before.

most recently, i took this road from my granny's house to school.
that was ten years ago.

but this time, as i passed the place that we buy baskets of fresh corn in the summer, and the bend in the road just before that pretty church, my mind was not remembering the years of driving to school.

no, my memory was taking me back farther than that.

i was transported to a time, maybe 24 years ago, when we would take that same road to go to baseball games. we only did this a handful of times, but i remembered it so vividly. i remembered that straight downhill section, and that there had been a semi-truck coming up from the bottom towards us. i remembered that the parking lot to the swimming pool had been full. i even remembered it in reverse, when we came home and i pretended to be asleep so my dad would carry me into bed.

i wonder why the world works that way? why i so clearly remembered memories from a quarter decade ago, but not much more recent trips down that same road?

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