Monday, March 17, 2014

i am not generally discerning

i was not blessed with the gift of discernment.

hospitality? check.
understanding and enforcing rules? got it.
providing sarcastic responses? can do.

discerning between what's theologically sound and what just hits me in the feels? pass.

my husband is great at it. he corrects me and leads me well in this area. but it's tended to be something i struggle with.


i work near the pennsylvania / ohio border. so on the way home from work, i pick up a station from cleveland on my car radio, and it's basically npr for christians. for real. it's entertaining and brings up legal issues across the country and situations that christians should be made aware of, so we don't just live under a rock and think life is hunky-dory for us if we simply pray and read the bible.

they talk about the issues. the way that christianity is struggling. how people are being martyred overseas, and that the US is not immune to these things.

there was a debate going on about how certain people groups are appearing to have more political "rights" than christians do, and how we have to fight for our political rights as christians.

as i started listening to it, i was getting passionate as well.

we have to FIGHT!
how dare you put a people group above mine.
i read the bible.


then something happened.

i realized how foolish it is to fight for something we don't deserve at all. that as christians, we aren't promised safety just because we live in the good ol' US of A. we aren't promised anything. we have to fight, yes, but not against our politicians for no good reason. we have a fight against the enemy, and he's so much bigger than a congressman.

sure. the devil can work through people, and politicians are one of those options for him. however, he can just as easily work through your neighbor, or the cashier at the grocery store, or the person who cuts your hair. all of those people have influence on others, they interact with others, and the devil is fighting to win over... that's right... others.

so why aren't we fighting?

why aren't we reaching out for others as much as our enemy is?
why aren't we living as jesus did, instead of signing petitions or liking facebook photos to show our affiliation?
why aren't we baking cakes and taking photos and making bouquets for others?

want people to know you're a christian? don't tell them. show them.

bake the cake. love them. and pray for them to know jesus.

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