Monday, March 3, 2014

i am not a country girl

i love the city. i love the sounds and the smells and the excitement.

when chris and i moved here, the plan was to stay with my parents for a few months, then move into the city. sure, the property taxes are higher. sure, there is a lot more traffic. but we're city people. we've taken an hour and a half to drive nine miles home from work. we've gone to sleep with the sounds of sirens headed past our windows. we know what it's like to have to triple-check if you locked the door. we've lived below neighbors, and on top of friends.

then we moved in with my parents.

and it's so quiet.

there are sunrises and sunsets that will blow you away. there's a special kind of calm that comes from being miles away from stores. there's local meat markets and farmer stands with fresh produce. there's the feeling that you know the people who live in your neighborhood. and it's okay to leave your door unlocked.

so as we start to look for a house in the next couple of months, we're not looking in pittsburgh. we're looking right here, in the country. down the road from my parents. close to our church family and our work. close to community and people who look out for you and friday night fish fries and neighborhood bonfires. far from sirens and heat and things to do and hustle and bustle.

my son will go to the same high school that my mom did. is that weird? i think there's something special about that.

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