Sunday, March 30, 2014

i am good at updates

my son is getting so big. yesterday we had a great day out and he wanted to spend three hours in field and stream. he settled for about 45 minutes of playing in tents and pointing at the taxidermied animals.

he was loving eating salsa off of the chips at our mexican dinner - and i kept wondering why it wasn't hot to him. then it WAS hot to him and i felt so bad because i'd been giving him salsa... but he DID want it.

um, we have a place to rent. you can see it on facebook (my husband tagged me in some pictures) and it's just beautiful. it's an ancient victorian house and is so classy, but has updated electric and also central heat and air. it's perfect. i can't wait to be in there, hopefully within a month or so. i'm looking forward to putting lincoln in bed, then opening the front windows so we can hear the record player while we enjoy a beer or glass of wine on the huge front porch. i'm looking forward to getting a grill and making grill packets for dinner. i'm looking forward to being back in our own bed (until we buy a king size!).

speaking of awesome house, we will sleep on the first floor and lincoln will sleep on the second floor. we've never been so far from him - we're usually in the room right next door - and the current hand-me-down baby monitor only picks up his white noise machine. we can't hear him if he made noise. so, we bought a fancy-pants new video monitor. it's awesome to sit there as he's waking up and see what he's doing.

speaking of sleeping, lincoln slept for 13+ hours last night. can you say growth spurt?

speaking of growth spurt... just kidding. i don't have anything on that subject.

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