Friday, January 3, 2014

motherhood lately

so. i'm a mom. i'm sure you noticed that. i did, too. and it's great. i've learned a few things, though, about what being a mom means to me. let's share, shall we?

motherhood means finding spots on your clean slacks, and not knowing if they're from yogurt or baby spit up - and not caring either way.

motherhood means light sleeping, in case your little babe makes a peep - even though he sleeps through the night 95% of the time.

motherhood means waking up to smiles from your little man - even if he had a meltdown the night before.

motherhood means your shirt may continually have a wet spot on the shoulders, where he snuggles - and you don't bring a spare shirt to change into, because you know that'll just get slobbery, too.

motherhood means letting your boy nibble on your fingers until they look like you've been in the bath too long - and dreading those bites after his teeth cut through.

motherhood means caring more about his well-being than your own - is he cold? did he eat enough?

motherhood means eating off the same spoon as your babe - when you thought that was gross seeing other moms do it before you were a mom.

motherhood is about knowing what you live for.

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