Tuesday, December 31, 2013

goals for 2014

just to document on here - i'd love to complete these in the upcoming year. in no particular order:

1. get a job yay! i'm working for butler health systems as the practice manager for a dermatology clinic
2. go to the pittsburgh symphony - delayed, since we had a blizzard the night we were supposed to go on a date night. went with a girlfriend last weekend! we saw all that jazz and it was such a fun night out
3. take chris to the point we went for a weekend that happened to be the three rivers art festival - we both loved it and chris had a great time seeing the point for the first time.
4. read to lincoln more than just at bedtime - we've been reading at every nap, and just in the mornings when we hang out. this will change when he's at daycare, i know, too.
5. participate in six ten-on-10 projects
6. volunteer somewhere
7. complete two YouVersion bible plans or the single bible-in-a-year
8. move out of my parents' house - whether to rent or buy - we have a place to go! can't wait for May 17th, the big move day when we can finally sleep in our own bed.
9. read 12 books - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Jan 2014), Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham (March 2014), How to Raise Chickens by Christine Heinrichs (March 2014), Welcome to Scranton by Greg Halpin (April 2014) House of Glass (April 2014) The Fault in Our Stars (April 2014) The Explicit Gospel (May 2014)
10. get my PA driver's license i got this the first week in january! yay!
11. register both vehicles in PA - got the mazda done, paperwork is taking FOR-EV-ER for the jetta.
12. invite a friend to church
13. cook a vegan meal that my dad likes i made vegan sloppy joes. he'll deny it to the day he dies, but he liked it enough to have seconds.
14. take lincoln to the carnegie children's museum ok, we didn't go to the carnegie children's, but we went to the pittsburgh children's museum and had a blast. i WILL be blogging about this.
15. take 5 instagram photos a week
16. take 5 "big-girl camera" photos a week
17. print lincoln's photos every month
18. take three walks a week
19. wake up before 6am, even if i don't have a job - i've started doing this already!
20. visit the national aviary on the north side
21. take lincoln camping with chris, even if it's in the back yard
22. organize mom's pantry - done!
23. pray for my husband on a daily basis
24. blog about all of these as they're worked on or completed

so that's not a ton, actually. but it's things i want to work on - whether it's small or will take the whole year - and i think i could do. wanna keep me accountable? go for it!