Sunday, May 12, 2013


It's 10:20pm on a Sunday night.

The neighbors are out back laughing and hollering and all I can think of is that it's 10:20 at night and they should be more courteous than that. They should know my boy is sleeping and that it's a Sunday night and we have to work tomorrow- and this is acceptable. This is how most people would feel at 10:20 at night on a Sunday while their neighbors had a party. Most people would lie in bed irritated and wonder how long they would go on like this, and wonder (possibly out loud to her husband), "when do you think we should ask them to pipe down?"...

But you know what? They aren't fighting. They aren't hurting anyone. They are laughing. They are enjoying each other. That's what we should all do more often, even at 10:20 on a Sunday evening. My boy would sleep through it even if he were down there in the midst of all that commotion; they aren't hurting his sleep, and quite frankly, they won't affect mine. Because as soon as I finish this, I'll be able to close my eyes and be happy that they're enjoying their Sunday. At 10:20pm.

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