Thursday, April 4, 2013

still real

isn't he the best?

he's starting to smile in response to us.
and likes when i play with his play gym (he can't quite reach it yet).

oh, and today i got spit up on for the first time. i'd had drool. and poo. and pee. but projectile spit-up? now i can say "check" to that one as well. and you know what? i think there's still some spit up milk in the carpet in his room that i didn't clean up because i was too busy changing him and washing him up and getting milk out of my hair.

i'm learning to survive with things off-schedule for me. literal schedule, like he wants to eat 30 minutes early, and "my" schedule, like there's dishes in the sink that may or may not have been there since monday (hint, hint, husband...) or his diaper trash can is overflowing. or that yesterday i put actual pants on for the first time all week--that part is glad to go back to work next week.

there's other new things, too. like this new budget. we'd been planning for his insurance and paying for daycare... we just hoped we'd have had the entire adoption paid for by now. we're close, trust me. closer than we thought we'd be at this point. but we still have a couple thousand dollars more to save, and we aren't able to put as much of our own money towards it anymore.

all this to say, we're blessed. we have another garage sale next week to raise funds, and have a gal at church helping us by letting us sell her scarves. use the code "Lincoln" and we both win! we get a percent of the sales, and you get free shipping! sweet. as always, i've got a paypal donation button on my right sidebar if that suits you better.

so excited. i think i'll even get a scarf! there's a floral one calling my name :-)

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