Tuesday, March 26, 2013


i typed it all up one-handed on facebook, sharing the news with everyone. it's good news. and it was worth the time it took, because you were sitting in my other arm. sleeping soundly, occasionally slipping me a sleepy grin, trying to battle sleep after downing 4 ounces.

today we got the news we'd been waiting for.
you're officially "eligible for adoption".
that's code word for you're on your way to becoming part of our family on paper, not just in our hearts.

you smell like a mixture of baby shampoo and similac burps, and i can't stop kissing your chubby cheeks.

i'm so proud to be your momma and can't wait to share this journey and this incredible story of god working in all of our lives with you. of how amazing your birth mom is and what a strong person she is. of the hearts you've touched and the people who've been praying for you-- people who don't even know you, or us, for that matter. of how adoption is the perfect picture of the gospel in real life. it's the most tangible evidence of love that we can take part in, and we are now a part of it.

we are so glad you were chosen for us, little one.

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  1. oh my, oh my!! congrats ERIN!! so so happy for you! :) long time a coming for sure but, you see, THIS ONE was meant for you. ahhhh, i love y'alls story... this past year, the hardships along with how god has worked for good and now this new addition! can't wait to meet this little guy!!