Monday, November 19, 2012

random thoughts

so thankful for the ormershers. this weekend's adoption garage sale was fun, profitable, and showed that a baby is not the only blessing that comes from the adoption journey.

i'm still trying to get used to the fact that it's november, and it's over halfway through the month. almost time to get out the christmas decorations, and not cold enough for a coat consistently. hello, dallas.

CAN'T WAIT to see my bff in a couple of weeks. it's been way too long.

yes, i'm excited for the last twilight movie. and i'm almost 30. sue me.

can you believe that ikea doesn't have anything in yellow throughout the whole store? looking for nursery decorations, and all we found was a (really neat, retro) metal trash can with lid. it reminds me of those big old silver ones that we grew up with before they changed everyone in to the plastic recycle bins. but it's small like a bedroom trashcan. perfect.

three-day work week!!

why isn't pandora pulling up on IE? also, it is working spotty on firefox. disappointment. AKA first world problems. time to hook up the cell phone on speakers.

sorry i've been out lately. been busy. can't wait to show you progress on the nursery, and post a few more "adopting without debt" posts. because man, we've been incredibly blessed in that department. so thankful for god's gifts and the generosity of others through this process. also thankful that this season (semester) is slowing down. we've overdone it and had to neglect a few things around the house, selves included. we're noticing the trickling out of responsibilities in the near future though, and excited to be able to focus our energies on the home front. i also hope to spend more time blogging. because i like it. it's a little like journaling, because sometimes i feel like no one reads it. so i write for me, and for god. trying to get out of my head that i have anyone to impress around here (here = interwebs, life in general). if you could continue to pray for us, our request is for a peaceful home full of love, and for both of us to continue to focus on our relationship with god. simply put, that's all we need-- everything else falls well from that.

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