Monday, October 15, 2012

small updates

i believe i was put on earth for several reasons:
1. to sing terribly enthusiastically
2. to finish art projects halfway
3. to organize my closet by color
4. to call food "fun"
5. to forget about blogging for a season
6. to plan

i'm good at these things. i'm good at dealing with life because i'm a planner. i'm good at cooking because food is fun. i'm good at art projects-- at least at first. i'm good at singing like i mean it. i'm also good at not blogging.

with good reason.

we've been so busy on our adoption front lately. we both have hardly had time to recover from each busy week before the next one begins. we literally have to schedule (there goes the planner in me) our alone time because of everything going on. but it's good. our time is very intentional-- from cutting veggies together on sunday evenings so they're ready for the week's salads to spending quality time with friends in the church-- and so it's very encouraging. there's very little that goes on unintentionally between us.

so that's where i've been.

i've been planning.
i've been exhausted.
i've been happy.


  1. Yay! You updated. But I got an influx of your posts in my feed reader. Were they unpublished posts or did I just miss them? I haven't seen anything on here in awhile and didn't know if I missed them in real-time.

  2. I got the same thing in my reader too. Glad to see you back posting again!!!