Thursday, September 6, 2012

thankful thursday

365. being able to provide guidance to 9 other women
366. making new friends
367. new nail polish
368. days that are busy because we have a great community
369. generosity of strangers
370. scentsy sales for adoption money
371. junk food television
372. shopping sales
373. new soaps
374. hot tea
375. taking photographs
376. making friends that last more than a church service
377. my dog
378. having friends over for a sunday evening gathering
379. weight loss
380. progress on our adoption
381. free magazine subscriptions
382. holiday monday cuddles
383. self-sealing envelopes
384. goodwill shirts that are just the style you've been looking for
385. neighbors who make off-limits foods and doesn't tempt you with them
386. bookstore sales
387. bookstores that buy back books

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