Friday, August 31, 2012

{frugal} friday

fundraise, fundraise, fundraise. if you're my friend in real life or on facebook, you're starting to see it.

because adoption is so expensive, we're continuing to find ways to raise money. i contacted a very gracious woman who offered to donate 25% of all scentsy sales to our adoption fund-- amazing blessing! it's a way for friends to help us and get something wonderful in return. i got a scentsy as a wedding gift, and i can't wait to get another one for our living room. as soon as you turn it on, it makes your home smell amazing. it's neat, though, because i haven't had one scent be overpowering, too flowery, or sugary-sweet.

so, think about going to this site and purchasing something (the top will say "Slay Adoption Fundraiser"). even if you normally have a scentsy rep, consider buying something from this generous gal, just this once. you're helping a great cause! it's a way you can help me from across the US and Canada. oh, and in purchasing from her, you're also helping her fund HER second adoption! she just finished adopting a 3 year old from uganda and hopes to bring home a 5 year old soon.

the link will be active (and purchases can be made) through august 29, 2012.

thank you again for all your help! and as always, the donate button on the right side is available if you'd like to make a cash donation to our adoption.

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