Monday, August 20, 2012

book page wreath

i found this great tutorial for how to make a wreath from a book. i won't reinvent the wheel, so you can go here to see it. it's a great step-by-step, with video even!

now, all my fellow bibliophiles out there, don't worry. i used a free trashy novel that i got from the fair last year. it was so bad, they had to hand it out for free. and i didn't need to get past the cover to know just how bad it was.

the only thing i did differently, which made it so much easier, is that i made my paper curls, then stapled the end together. so i got a lot of little paper curls ready and then hot glued them to the wreath. this made it much easier to get it all together, because the cones and squiggles were already prepped. also, compared to things like this book page dahlia, mine is much more haphazard. i was not nearly as concerned about getting the points in the right spot, or about having every book page processed in the same manner. actually, i think next time i do it, i won't do any cones, i'll just do the squiggly-folded pages. it was easy, and gives it a much rounder look.


after looking at my photo, i see that i need to fill in some texture on the left side. but i'm still pretty darn happy with how it turned out, and i can fill it in later. oh, and you notice the few pages that are a different color? it's important to make sure you have enough pages in the book you're using. i didn't, so i had to fill in with a different book. but the good news is you can't tell so much about the color difference in person as you can in the photo.

i hope you like it! i know my best friend did, since it was a gift for her-- now it's time to make my own! after all, i've got all the supplies since i bought an extra styrofoam wreath when i made this one.

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  1. Very cute wreath, Erin! What a fun idea! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Heather Lynn