Friday, July 13, 2012

{frugal} friday

as i mentioned before, adoption is expensive.
but that doesn't mean you can't do it just because you don't have a lot of money.

with a few changes to our spending, and putting a lot of money in a special savings account, husband and i hope to have enough money saved up to adopt our child when a mother chooses us. we are doing this with your help, too (see donate button on right side).

but it's not just donations that help us get where we need to be...
i'll be covering a few different ways that we are saving money around the house (and putting that savings towards the adoption) so that you might be helped by this-- whether you're saving for adoption, or to buy a house, or want to pay cash for your next vehicle!

how to afford an adoption, part 1

one of the biggest blessings we've had is two vehicles. husband and i work at the same location, and we would often ride separately to work just for convenience. he goes in at 6:30 to work out before his 8-5 shift, and i have a 7-3:30 shift. 

the paid-off escape
so we decided to go a little outside our comfort zone and become a one-car family. since the escape above was paid off, we were able to sell it and put all of the money in what we're calling our "babings account". heh. get it? baby savings account. babings account.

our shared jetta!

so now, the slight inconvenience of having one car is totally worth it when we see how much closer we are to our goal. we alter our schedules and both go in early, then i come home before him and pick him up at the train station when he's home. on that note, stay tuned next time when i talk about how we take the train into work (instead of driving) to save money!


  1. Haha. "Babings" account. Love it!

    Due to my impending pay cut, I think I'm going to start riding the commuter van again. The gov't will reimburse it 100%, so that pretty much means a free ride (pun intended). It will mean getting up earlier, but MK has promised to help me out with that and the huge perk is that I will get home 30 minutes earlier. So that means earlier supper on the table and more time afterward to do things like go for a family walk, play outside, etc. It will mean having to go to bed earlier, but we can watch the 10:00 news in bed but that's fine with us. Anyway, just thought I'd put in my two cents on saving transportation costs.

  2. "Two cents." Pun not intended but totally appropriate.

  3. love! see, it's actually kind of neat to see what benefits come out of the "sacrifices" we make for money reasons!