Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the original food diet

let me start by saying i'm not the one who coined that ( ^ ) phrase.
and b) this isn't a food blog. recipes pertaining to this series will be found at my other blog.
now that we're all on the same page, let's talk.

i've been following mandy for some time now. she recently started participating in what she terms as the original food diet. you can go to her blog for a lot more information than i can share in this short space. it basically comes down to this:
if it comes from the ground you can eat it.
no meat
no dairy
no animal products
no processed foods

so i've liked this idea for some time, but knew that throwing out the possibility to husband would be met with a hearty laughter as he asks me if i'm kidding. so i did what any reasonable woman would do. i threw out all the unhealthy food and just made him participate anyway.

i'm kidding.

i prayed about it. i prayed that if this is something we should do as a family, that god would put it on his heart and he would initiate it.
and he did.
he sat me down one evening and explained that, for health reasons, he really felt that he should do this. and he listed out the foods he'd be eating and what he wouldn't let himself have. and he ended with:
"and i can't ask for you to do this too, but i do ask for your support."

lemme tell you. i bout jumped out of my skin. i was so happy to hear this! so we talked and made the guidelines (really, it's him making the guidelines. it's a little stricter. for example, no almond milk unless i make it myself), and we set a date. we decided that since we had plans on father's day, we would start the day after. so we spend the two weeks before it eating responsibly but cleaning out the things we couldn't eat on this new... thing.
i still hate to call it a DIET.
then, the saturday before, we did the big clean. we cleared the cabinets of food that we won't be eating, and donated it to a friend. i went shopping and bought things like red lentils, brown basmati rice, quinoa, carrots, peppers, acorn squash.

sunday was spent with a friend making quinoa for lunches, homemade hummus, and spaghetti squash. i love the idea of preparing sunday for the week's lunches. i even have a board just for ideas for this. and if you scoot over there, you'll see that the title is "the 40 days"-- meaning that, yes, there's an end in sight. i'm okay with this being a lifestyle change, and maybe it will be, but for now, we needed to see that this won't last forever. we'll be going through the end of july... and hopefully resetting our bodies in the process so that we don't crave things that are "bad" for us.

a neat little side effect is the lack of trash in just a few days. i buy things in bulk mostly, and then store them in mason jars. all fruit and vegetable waste goes in the freezer to return to our CSA so they can use it for compost. and if i can just give a quick report, one day in? i have already lost so much bloat. yay for water weight loss!! but really. even husband commented on how much better he felt as he was waking up this morning-- that is, until he took his multivitamin on an empty stomach... but that's another story.

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  1. This is so cool that you guys are doing this! Are you going to bring other foods back in slowly to see if there are allergies/sensitivities? Or is that even a concern?

    I was a vegetarian for years before I had Chris. I ate dairy though. Still, I felt better as a vege than I ever did eating meat.

    I'm so proud of you guys :)