Tuesday, May 1, 2012

something beautiful

so excited!! i saw that my dear friend's mother (whom i also consider a friend) was stuck in a sewing rut. so i sent her a link to some mug rugs, because i'd been dreaming about owning one FOREVER. she was sweet enough to make me not one, but two (!) mug rugs! you can't  tell by these photos, but the even did some free motion quilting for my name and the squiggles and other cute little additions. i love the smaller one the best, because it is the perfect size to stick a bag of tea in the pocket, fold up, and take with me in my purse!

i even used it last night while i watched some late-night tv. just some devils-food cookies and a cup of herbal tea and me.


  1. These are SO CUTE!!! I've never heard of them before. What a cool idea and a sweet friend!