Wednesday, April 4, 2012

less of me

nope, that title's not an indication of what you've seen lately.
it's a goal of mine.
to be less.
so that god can be more.

i've been distracted lately.
i've been trying to fix things myself.
i've been over thinking everything.
i've been doing.

that puts me in charge, which is a disaster waiting to happen. i'm not good at running my life. well, i'm good depending on what my priorities are. you know who's better at running my life? god. that's legit, dude. so instead of being distracted, and fixing things, and over thinking, and doing... i need to stop. i need to rest. i need to reflect. i need to let god lead me.

so my prayer lately, my constant plea to god has been for him to fill me. for him to remove idols that i'm surrounding myself with, remove my control, remove my wants and replace it all with him. there are certain things i want, but the truth is that i want god more.

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