Tuesday, February 21, 2012

where i should be

usually, my husband falls asleep before me. so i read while i unwind. this usually leads to some sort of deeper thoughts-- contemplations, if you will. many nights, i close my book, put it on the table, and think to myself, is this really my life?

is this where i'm supposed to be?

i grew up independent, taking care of myself, and had a very clear picture of how my life was going to be. while i might not end up married, i'd definitely have a great group of friends who were willing to go to coffee with me whenever i called. a duplex in the city called my name. and i probably wouldn't have any pets; i don't have time to take care of living things. i'm a career woman. i need only myself. and occasional men to come keep me company when my friends are busy.

but last night, as i leaned over and turned my light off, i snuck over to put my cold toes under my husband's warm legs, encouraging him to roll over and cuddle a little with me before i fell asleep. the same thought ran through my head.

is this what i envisioned my life to be?

and the answer came to me:
this is so much better.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

long-distance love letters

husband is gone this weekend. visiting a friend in california, and left me home alone with the puppy.

at least he lets me know i am missed. texts and pictures are wonderful when you're missing someone.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

if i drove a minivan

i would pick homemade french fries from
between the seats
while i waited for the little ones
to finish soccer practice.

i would not have a stick-figure family sticker
but i might have a "baby on board" sign.
not really.

i would forget my sunglasses
but remember them for my child
and hope that he fell asleep
so i could try to wear them
while i drove.

i would ask my husband to vacuum it
but he wouldn't
and i would live
because he would still fill the tank with gas regularly.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

thankful thursday

177. a clean work desk
178. free yarn
179. gifts for others
180. gifts from others
181. being in love
182. borrowing movies from friends
183. watching ^ those movies with husband
184. getting over fights
185. beautiful january weather
186. that rolls into beautiful february weather
187. "walks" with friends
188. girls who don't let you sit in the jcp parking lot all night alone
189. the name winston winston. it's silly.
190. a paid-off car

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

if i lived on a mountain

i would be snuggling in a neutral colored cable-knit sweater
while sipping my new tea
from a large mug with a bright design.

i would have my kindle next to me
setting on the end table
in the light of the vintage lamp
while i wrote in a journal
with a leather cover.

i could smell the stew
that has been simmering on the stove
all day.

i'd be watching the window to see if my husband was back from
chopping wood
taking the dogs out.

waiting for him to return
so we could snuggle by the fire.
in the dark of evening.
because it's winter.
and it gets dark at 4.
and i like that.