Friday, December 30, 2011

my only resolution

as far as new year's resolutions go, i'm not all for it. i've tried making monthly goals, but that only lasted about five months before i got bored. and everyone seems to have the same consensus-- that everyone fails resolutions, especially when they revolve around weight loss or major life changes.

so what about starting small?

what about simply praising god?

my only resolution this year:

to praise god for the life i have in this moment. to remember that the next day, even the next moment, is not promised. to praise him for the love my husband gives me, the strength my family gives me, and the courage my friends give me. to praise him for the beauty found in flowers, sunshine, and fresh rain. to praise him for the confidence found in a cup of coffee, a friend's comments, and his word. to praise him for the peace found in a morning of cuddling, an afternoon of cooking, and an evening of crocheting.

to praise him simply.

1 comment:

  1. That is really all that matters, isn't it? And basically, what He wants most from us.