Friday, December 16, 2011

brick by brick


for the rest of the year, i will breathe.
just breathe.

when i grade exams for my students
just breathe

when i plan my training schedule
for the next 12 months
just breathe

when i host a christmas party for
dear, dear friends
just breathe

when i cook christmas eve dinner
-- traditional ukranian style--
for an ever-growing crowd
just breathe

when i relax in the evenings
because i'm out of school
for three weeks
just breathe

when i crochet a blanket
that's taking me a year
just breathe

when i shop for husband's
stocking fillers
just breathe

when remembering what we're 
really celebrating december 25th
just breathe

when studying the advent season
just breathe

when preparing for 2012
just breathe

just breathe
just breathe

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the new header! :) Also - I love that the title of this post reminds me of train. And I love train. And I love you. Just breathe :) I love it.