Wednesday, November 16, 2011

random thoughts today

hump day boost is taking the day off today...

i forgot that i changed my header until i just saw my own blog. expect another header change in the near future, i don't know that i'm thrilled with this one.

my 1000 favorites list has really taken off lately. expect a long post tomorrow.

i'm not thankful that i'm getting sick. or have been sick? either way, husband and i are both fighting a super head/chest cold. oh, the things you do for love.

i'm glad husband isn't as picky with his cough drop flavors as i am.

noticing things about yourself that aren't good is a really hard thing to do. because that means that you have to work through them.

more hot tea, please.

i'm thankful for our church community.


  1. So... I rarely see your blog because I have you in my reader. I had to click through to see what you were talking about. Anyway, I think the header looks good except the medieval times photo is dark so it doesn't really "go" with the others. Yep, that's it. My $.02.

  2. I love the header!!!!! All pics I've seen before, but I love seeing both of your smiling faces!

    We're fighting the creeping crud here too. Hope you both are feeling better soon.

  3. Love the header. We're sick too and it SUCKS. Get better, love.