Monday, November 21, 2011

{not just a} weekend update

here's a few updates from my phone recently:

i learned what kosher means.

we bought the best board game ever.

i made coq au vin for the first time. only bad decision was that i did it on a weeknight.

a friend made an adorable (delicious?) candy turkey for me.

husband was magically gifted a santa suit. you don't know how happy this makes him.

we went to the movies.


  1. I like this's full of happy! I'm so glad Chris got a Santa suit!! I know what it means to him! I'm sure he's told you his story about Santa coming into his room on Christmas eve when he was 4???

  2. This CRACKS me up! You learned what Kosher means!! I had to show Amy and my boss what it was.