Monday, November 7, 2011

i am not

after overhearing a conversation some of my coworkers had, i felt prompted to tell you who i am not, in order that you might more fully understand who i am.

i am not a blind follower. i am an informed follower. i choose every day to follow the one true god, the only true way-- through his son jesus christ. i am aware that jesus is the only way to salvation and that is why i live the way i do.

i am not "opening up" about my beliefs. i am convinced that there is one way, one truth, one light. there is one lord and one faith. that is jesus christ. i will not change these beliefs after a tough heart-to-heart with anyone. i will not waver in my faith; rather, i will remain strong in jesus.

i am not ignorant. i am informed and well aware that the bible is a historically accurate book. see above, "i am not a blind follower".

i am not interested in converting you. i am interested in educating you. i don't convert people; god converts. all i can do is give you the right information and pray that god seeks you to be one of his saved

i am not strong enough to say this to their faces.

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  1. But what you ARE, is a faithful Christian, wife, daughter and friend.