Thursday, October 20, 2011

thankful thursday

i haven't been posting my updates here, but if you look over there on my sidebar --> you can find my 1000 favorites list. i don't update it with the frequency that leann does, but i should! i do work on it. you can click over there to see the whole list, but here's what i've come up with this morning:

29. i'm a daughter of a god who loves
30. cooler weather and car seat heaters
31. making soup in the crock pot
32. enjoying MLB games with husband- it counts as quality time!
33. having a boss who supports me
34. being physically healthy
35. planning a honeymoon!
36. feeling loved
37. productive evenings, even if it means leaving work at 8pm
38. fall in dallas means less humidity
39. so many family visits coming up soon
40. finding new ways to pray to god

1 comment:

  1. Love. I didn't post today. Shame on me, but I'm knee-deep in diapers. I guess my Thankful Thursday would be that I'm glad I bought the big box of diapers last time instead of the smaller package. Ha!