Friday, October 14, 2011

grab a coffee and study with me

it's true. leann and i are back with the latest installment. sorry for the few weeks off, hope you're still hanging in here. after you read mine, go check out her site for her take on these verses.

Proverbs 31:14-15

P31:14: "She is like the ships of the merchants; she brings her food from afar"
P31:15: "She rises while it is still night and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens"

believe it or not, i've got a lot to say today. but first, i'll give you the synopsis from the study bible:

trading ships is a poetic analogy; she does not literally sail the seas. she goes out of her way to secure fine food for her family // by providing for her household and her maidens before the day begins, the "excellent wife" multiplies the effectiveness of her work, because her planning enables everyone else in her household to be productive throughout the day. she does not lie in bed and wait for servants to attend to her.

now, for once, the explanation given shows that this is an analogy/exaggeration. finally.
also, i had a breakdown the night before i wrote up this study. so there. you know why?
because i go out of my way to secure fine food for my family.
because i provide for my house before the day begins.

being the P31 woman WILL DRIVE YOU CRAZY.

this is personal, people. i do not intentionally try to be a P31 woman. i don't. i'm good at housekeeping and doing a lot at once and i'm a good host. so automatically, i figure i should go a step more and become a P31 woman. but you know what happens when most women (i'm fairly sure it's 99.6% of us) try this? we go insane. because we worry about what we can control. and if we can't control it at all, we break down. or if we control too much, we break down. and if we don't control enough, we break down.

being a P31 woman is unattainable. because of the way it's been listed (at least thus far in the passage)-- she does all of this willingly. today? she gets up early and gets her house ready. she does the job of her servants. she secures fine food for her family.
me? i stay up late because i'm grading exams. so i sleep in a little because i'm exhausted from living. sure, i secure fine food, if that means shopping sales. and spending 3 hours shopping at 4 different stores because that's where the deals are. but is that worth it? is it worth it to do all of this extra stuff, if the things that matter are left aside?

so, what matters?
spending all that time grocery shopping, or relaxing on a saturday with husband?
staying up late grading papers, or getting my rest so i can enjoy a coffee in the morning with my husband?
fighting over the dirty kitchen, or being thankful we have food and a roof?

thing is, i'm not sure. i know what the answer should be, but i sure don't act like it.

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