Tuesday, September 6, 2011

weekend iphone: 3-day version

not only was it a 3-day weekend (yay, labor day!!), but i was alone for the whole weekend. husband took a trip to memphis to be with some friends of his, and i took advantage of the alone time. it's nice to be forced to miss someone that much, you know?

saturday i didn't do much. i ended the day going to help a friend decorate her baby room-- the crib will go right under that tree, so it's not really just floating in the middle of the wall!

then, i went to the late church service. i had plenty of offers to sit with friends, but was feeling pretty lonely (i really don't like to go to church without husband), so i sat in the back by myself. didn't stop me from serving communion though!

our sunday morning ritual? watching charles osgood. it's our favorite old-person magazine show. but this sunday, i watched it alone.

then, instead of being cooped up in the house, i went to starbucks to finish homework. it was nice and relaxing... until the lady behind me closed the blinds on a beautiful morning, then started smacking her gum. ew. gum smackers.

husband requests a book? i buy it! i love when he wants to read! also, it was 20% off everything weekend at half price books. so this beauty cost me all of $3.44!

again, such a perfect day that i ate lunch outside. hello, crepes and ceasar salad from la madeline.

monday morning was even better than sunday. just enough of a breeze and a chill in the air for me to enjoy "sunbathing" on the back patio with the dog and a good kindle book

and then i had to leave the house again. went to a big shopping district and had lunch (a chicken and pesto sandwich and potato soup) then walked through almost every store.

like world market! except where i come from, it's known as cost plus.

and last but certainly not least, border's. not going to lie, i almost got a little sad going into this store. i never like to see bookstores close their doors, or good people lose their jobs. i was amazed at the hospitality shown by the staff with only 10 days left in the business. i got a few good books though. one for myself, one for husband, and even a sweet book for my favorite little boy!

then husband came home and the photos stopped. we went to the movies and saw cowboys and aliens-- i thoroughly enjoyed it. husband fell asleep. not because of the movie, but because he spent 8 hours in a car earlier that day! but if you ask him, he didn't fall asleep. he was just resting his eyes. ha.

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  1. It sounds like you had a very productive (though lonely) weekend! That potato soup looked amazing!

    Borders all closed down up here a while back. It was sad seeing them go :(