Thursday, September 1, 2011

i'm a winner

i keep forgetting to share some good news! i won! i won!

i won a drawing over at ragamuffin beauties, and received some earrings in the mail not too long ago. they came with the sweetest note from momma carlisle, and an additional cute yellow mum bobby pin!

the drawing was for not one, but TWO pairs of earrings-- with the stipulation that i give one pair away to a friend of mine. well, since i had a darling friend who stayed with us recently (hi, blogless amy!!) and LOVES accessories, so i gave the lilac-colored pair to her.

the pink pair?

they stayed with me.
i like the pale pink color. i think they look beautifully feminine.
husband likes them. he says they look like icing roses, and i think he wants to eat them.

so, if you want a pair for yourself, go visit her shop and pick a pair out! the prices are amazingly reasonable-- so much so that i'm thinking of buying an extra pair for me!

what do you think about the white rose earrings? they may be next on my list :-)


  1. I'm thinking about ordering the yellow ones... very pretty! :D