Thursday, September 15, 2011

i found a new love

and her name is ree drummond.
don't get me wrong. i've known about the pioneer woman for some time. i have a sort of crush on her.
but my new love part of this story are the photoshop actions from her site. you just download them, load them onto your photoshop expressions, and use them.
that's it!

here's one i worked with tonight. the editing took just a few minutes and was SO MUCH easier than doing the steps myself. light balance? taken care of. sharpening? taken care of. bringing out details and keeping the background subtle? taken care of.

and how about this one, of husband and me?
before, SOOC, it's so grainy, dull, and sort of grey. with just a few clicks, it's now one of my favorite photos of us!

this is so great. i've got a new addiction!


  1. Hey now! Isn't this cheating a bit. Not the actions the cross post ;)

  2. Hey Erin! Its Brooke from Superbowl lol I have been thinking about you and just figured out i have you connected to my blog! My email got compromised while we were at a hotel months ago and i lost all my contact info so i am very happy that i found ya again! Please write me at Hope ya'll are doing well and look forward to reading your blog and talking with ya!