Friday, September 23, 2011

grab a coffee and study with me

Proverbs 31:13

P31:13: "She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands"

not a lot to say really, today. first, I'll give you the synopsis from the study bible:

She is skilled in working with textiles to provide for the clothing needs of her household

now, i think that's a sort of dated explanation of that verse. we had a good talk tonight about the culture of the bible, and how, yes, there are certain things that we can... alter (?)... based on our culture now.

so MY interpretation of this verse includes the following:
the proverbs 31 woman is not wasteful. she is resourceful with the items she has.
she does not spend or acquire frivolously. have you seen hoarders?

additionally, look at the part, "works with willing hands"-- willing hands. she does this all with a smile on her face. she doesn't do the dishes while smirking at her husband and sarcastically thanking him for his help. she is not bitter about making the bed. she does all of this because it makes her feel fulfilled to provide this for her family.

sidenote: the proverbs 31 woman does not have to be married. a single woman could do all of this. so when i mention family or husband, its more about attitude than who it's directed towards. as a single person, living along, there were nights when i bitterly did the dishes. when i wished that i had someone there to help me with the lawn work, instead of feeling thankful that i had the ability to do it myself, and gracious for the home with a yard that god provided. so it's all attitude. this applies to all of these posts i'm working on, not just this one.

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