Thursday, September 29, 2011

photo challenge {day four}

day four: a photo depicting an emotion


i love this photo.

if you're actually following along, you've noticed that i'm very much out of order. and that's okay. i take them as i find them, and share them as i please. and i may make some things up.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

photo challenge {day three}

day three: a photo from a high angle


looking down from our balcony to the herb garden below us.
it used to be rosemary.

Monday, September 26, 2011

photo challenge {day two}

day two: a photo of something you wore


new shoes.
that were returned to the store after wearing them for only 20 minutes.
but the replacement pair looks even better.

Friday, September 23, 2011

grab a coffee and study with me

Proverbs 31:13

P31:13: "She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands"

not a lot to say really, today. first, I'll give you the synopsis from the study bible:

She is skilled in working with textiles to provide for the clothing needs of her household

now, i think that's a sort of dated explanation of that verse. we had a good talk tonight about the culture of the bible, and how, yes, there are certain things that we can... alter (?)... based on our culture now.

so MY interpretation of this verse includes the following:
the proverbs 31 woman is not wasteful. she is resourceful with the items she has.
she does not spend or acquire frivolously. have you seen hoarders?

additionally, look at the part, "works with willing hands"-- willing hands. she does this all with a smile on her face. she doesn't do the dishes while smirking at her husband and sarcastically thanking him for his help. she is not bitter about making the bed. she does all of this because it makes her feel fulfilled to provide this for her family.

sidenote: the proverbs 31 woman does not have to be married. a single woman could do all of this. so when i mention family or husband, its more about attitude than who it's directed towards. as a single person, living along, there were nights when i bitterly did the dishes. when i wished that i had someone there to help me with the lawn work, instead of feeling thankful that i had the ability to do it myself, and gracious for the home with a yard that god provided. so it's all attitude. this applies to all of these posts i'm working on, not just this one.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

this was funny.

this is what happened when i logged in to flickr today.

haha. Lolspeak. haha.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

dinner at eight

inspired by a bit of sunshine, i participated in her july dinner at eight challenge. yes, it's september. who cares. it's worth it. the challenge? a picnic. so i did an indoor picnic. i'd expected husband to go to the gym right after work, so when he called and said he was just coming straight home, i had to hurry to get things done!

i used only our clear or white glass bowls and serving trays to make it simply pretty. nothing fancy. i picked finger foods up from the store after work, and added our favorite sweet and spicy meatballs.

he was pleasantly surprised. and he even brought me home flowers.
because, you know, friday's still date night.
even if we're both surprised.
and even if it's just at home.

oh. then we had dessert.
what's the most acceptable picnic dessert?
with the biggest marshmallows i've ever found.
here's how it went:

his one cheat for the week. it was worth it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

photo challenge {day one}

i've decided to *force* myself to use my DSLR camera more often. it's not a bad thing, really. but i get lazy. and i have an iphone. and i want to better myself and my photography/photoshop skills. skillz? either way.

i don't remember where i found this 30-day photography challenge, but you can find it on my pinterest board. here's day 1:


it's "a photo of yourself". i left that up to artistic interpretation, we shall say. ha.

in it, i'm about to start my midterm for class. which means blocking out three hours of my time. which also means taking 20 minutes playing with timer settings, then another 5 or so photoshopping. just to make it prettier.

i'm going to do all 30 days. i may not do them in order, and i may not post one every day. but by golly, i'm going to do it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

grab a coffee and study with me

Proverbs 31:12

i had a lot to say today, so i'm just doing one verse.

P31:12: "She does him good and not harm, all the days of her life."

The work a woman does is not for her own good, but for the good of her whole family-- in this verse, her husband.

well, what i do in regards to homemaking (cleaning, coking, making lunches, etc.) makes me feel better about providing for my husband. but it's sort of selfish. i feel better when i do these things. he says he can take it or leave it. there's proof in this-- while i'm busy with work, school, etc, he helps around the house with dinner and laundry.

i make a point of reminding him that i still want to help. i'm terribly worried that i'll get into this habit of not working at home, so that when teaching and school is done, we'll be in the habit of husband doing the homemaking instead of me. this is not the way i want it to be. more importantly, it's not biblical. the man is supposed to do certain things for the family, just as the woman is supposed to do certain things for the family. i don't feel that those roles should be reversed in most situations.

reminder: this is my interpretation and analyzing of this verse. you don't have to agree. i am just comparing this against my life and encouraging myself to grow with this project. that being said, i still welcome comments and encourage you to leave whatever you're thinking after reading this.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

i found a new love

and her name is ree drummond.
don't get me wrong. i've known about the pioneer woman for some time. i have a sort of crush on her.
but my new love part of this story are the photoshop actions from her site. you just download them, load them onto your photoshop expressions, and use them.
that's it!

here's one i worked with tonight. the editing took just a few minutes and was SO MUCH easier than doing the steps myself. light balance? taken care of. sharpening? taken care of. bringing out details and keeping the background subtle? taken care of.

and how about this one, of husband and me?
before, SOOC, it's so grainy, dull, and sort of grey. with just a few clicks, it's now one of my favorite photos of us!

this is so great. i've got a new addiction!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a list

things that you might not know about me:

1. when entering a public bathroom, i almost always choose the second stall. i don't know why.
2. my favorite color is chartreuse.
3. when i walk up or down stairs, i start with my right foot.
4. i loved my best friend even before i found out that we'd led the same life in different states.
5. other people's babies terrify me
6. i wish i wore more skirts and dresses
7. i still believe in santa claus*
8. the smell of crayons is one of my favorite scents.
9. i'm better than i think i am
10. i love my pearls and my charm bracelet and my wedding rings most of all my jewelry

* because if i don't, i don't get presents from santa. ask my mom.

Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend update

my weekend was spent here:

doing everything from classes to trainings to service to communion.

and that's about it.
it was a weekend full of joy, strength, and encouragement.
it was needed.

Friday, September 9, 2011

grab a coffee and study with me

Proverbs 31:10-11

P31:10: "An excellent wife who can find? She is more precious than jewels."

first of all, no one finds their wife. at least not when the couple listens to God. I don't believe that it was by luck that husband and i are together, but only by the grace of God.

"more precious than jewels"
godly women are valuable. they will raise godly children and serve a godly husband. i know husband finds me valuable, but is it for the right reasons? is it because i make his lunch, or because i am a good wife and make his lunch willingly and bless it in the mornings?

P31:11: "The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain."

a godly woman is trusted by her husband to run the household, to make daily decisions. he doesn't have to check over her shoulders to make sure things are going as planned. he has his items to worry about, and it is her job to take care of the "other things".

i think i have this one pretty well. husband and i have a very open line of communication, so there's never a feeling that i'm holding something from him. he trusts me. he trusts me to run our finances, pay bills on time, have food on the table, and provide a comfortable environment in our house.

he trusts me to be honest in all that we talk about, including my stress level lately. maybe he trusts me too much for this. he trusts me to tell him where i need help (grading papers? making dinner?), and i often go about it myself, telling him "i'm fine, i've got it covered". he wants to help, i know he does. but i've got this weird idea that if i don't do it all, i'm failing. if i'm not doing homework and working and teaching and making dinner and cleaning and doing laundry and decorating for holidays, that i'm failing as a wife. but it shouldn't be about any of that. it should be about me trusting in my husband also, that he's able to help me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

peek into my home {}

here's a sneak peak of our new place. probably one of my favorite places in the whole house. the dining room.

flowers just because
flowers husband got me. for no reason. which is, of course, the best reason.

you've seen this before. the frame wall. i love it.

my dining room
i love this natural light.

i notice now (based on that third photo) that i definitely should have swept the floor before showing these photos. but, this is life. my house is straightened. and clean. but don't always expect the floors to be properly swept.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

weekend iphone: 3-day version

not only was it a 3-day weekend (yay, labor day!!), but i was alone for the whole weekend. husband took a trip to memphis to be with some friends of his, and i took advantage of the alone time. it's nice to be forced to miss someone that much, you know?

saturday i didn't do much. i ended the day going to help a friend decorate her baby room-- the crib will go right under that tree, so it's not really just floating in the middle of the wall!

then, i went to the late church service. i had plenty of offers to sit with friends, but was feeling pretty lonely (i really don't like to go to church without husband), so i sat in the back by myself. didn't stop me from serving communion though!

our sunday morning ritual? watching charles osgood. it's our favorite old-person magazine show. but this sunday, i watched it alone.

then, instead of being cooped up in the house, i went to starbucks to finish homework. it was nice and relaxing... until the lady behind me closed the blinds on a beautiful morning, then started smacking her gum. ew. gum smackers.

husband requests a book? i buy it! i love when he wants to read! also, it was 20% off everything weekend at half price books. so this beauty cost me all of $3.44!

again, such a perfect day that i ate lunch outside. hello, crepes and ceasar salad from la madeline.

monday morning was even better than sunday. just enough of a breeze and a chill in the air for me to enjoy "sunbathing" on the back patio with the dog and a good kindle book

and then i had to leave the house again. went to a big shopping district and had lunch (a chicken and pesto sandwich and potato soup) then walked through almost every store.

like world market! except where i come from, it's known as cost plus.

and last but certainly not least, border's. not going to lie, i almost got a little sad going into this store. i never like to see bookstores close their doors, or good people lose their jobs. i was amazed at the hospitality shown by the staff with only 10 days left in the business. i got a few good books though. one for myself, one for husband, and even a sweet book for my favorite little boy!

then husband came home and the photos stopped. we went to the movies and saw cowboys and aliens-- i thoroughly enjoyed it. husband fell asleep. not because of the movie, but because he spent 8 hours in a car earlier that day! but if you ask him, he didn't fall asleep. he was just resting his eyes. ha.

Friday, September 2, 2011

grab a coffee and study with me

Proverbs 31-- intro

join me as i study the proverbs 31 unit with my bff. we'll be doing a verse or two a week, and you're welcome to join us.

i want to make a few things clear. i'm not going into this project thinking that i'm anything close to a proverbs 31 woman. i'm also not going in thinking that, by the end of it (or anytime in my life, for that matter), i'll be a proverbs 31 woman.

to me, this is a very introspective study. as i mentioned before, i keep "wanting" to be a proverbs 31 woman. but i don't know enough about it to even pretend to try to be one. so, i learn. i learn what an ideal, godly woman is, how she acts, what she embodies... then i work at becoming as close to that as i am physically, emotionally, and spiritually able to. i promise that if i do this study again in 10 years, it'll have a totally different point. i'd be at a different point in my life, so my proverbs 31 woman may be interpreted differently.

here's what my ESV study bible says about proverbs 31:10-31 (references removed, emphasis added)

an alphabet of womanly excellence. as the ESV footnote to v. 10 explains, this wisdom poem is an acrostic, in which each verse begins with the successive letter of the hebrew alphabet. the poem begins and ends with mention of the woman's "excellence". the probable intention of putting this together with the acrostic pattern is to show that this woman's character runs the whole range of excellence. this woman is married, and she is devoted to the well-being of her household, to which she contributes by her participation in outside economic concerns. at the same time she makes her home the center of ministry by giving generously to the poor and by instructing her children and household workers in true kindness. so her husband and children enjoy their lot and honor her for her industry

this lofty portrait of excellence sets such a high standard that it can be depressing to godly women today until its purpose is understood. first, the woman embodies in all areas of life the full character of wisdom commended throughout this book. this shows that even though the concrete situations up to now have generally envisinoed a cast of males, the teaching of the entire book is intended for all of God's people. second, as with other character types, this profile is an ideal: a particular example of full-scale virtue and wisdom toward which the faithful are willing to be molded. it is not expected that any one woman will look exactly like this in every respect.

see? even the bible commentary says it. i'll be working at this for my entire life. but that i'm studying this at all shows that i desire to be a godly woman, wife, and eventually, mother.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

i'm a winner

i keep forgetting to share some good news! i won! i won!

i won a drawing over at ragamuffin beauties, and received some earrings in the mail not too long ago. they came with the sweetest note from momma carlisle, and an additional cute yellow mum bobby pin!

the drawing was for not one, but TWO pairs of earrings-- with the stipulation that i give one pair away to a friend of mine. well, since i had a darling friend who stayed with us recently (hi, blogless amy!!) and LOVES accessories, so i gave the lilac-colored pair to her.

the pink pair?

they stayed with me.
i like the pale pink color. i think they look beautifully feminine.
husband likes them. he says they look like icing roses, and i think he wants to eat them.

so, if you want a pair for yourself, go visit her shop and pick a pair out! the prices are amazingly reasonable-- so much so that i'm thinking of buying an extra pair for me!

what do you think about the white rose earrings? they may be next on my list :-)