Friday, September 3, 2010

what's up with the caps?

hello. you already know who i am, but what's with the poor use of capital letters?
this has nothing to do with a defective keyboard.
or a deep love for e.e. cummings.
rather, it's just who i am.
good at annoying my best friend, the grammar-capital-letter-proper-use-of-all-words queen?

i've got nothing against the shift key. in fact, i'll use it if something REALLY needs emphasis. or if i have to use "double quotations". but i rarely do either of those. if you see a post written with proper use of capital letters, it means i wrote it on my auto-capitalizing phone. but since i know that will throw you off, and you'll probably wonder if someone else hacked my blog after studying my writing style but not my capital letter style, i usually try to edit them on the computer before publishing them.

you also may notice that i use a lot of run-on sentences. i have no explanation for that, other than i type how i think and i often continue to think and believe that a period would interrupt my thought process, and if you really want to know me, you'll read how i think, which means you'll read a lot of run-on sentences.

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