Friday, September 3, 2010

what's up with the caps?

hello. you already know who i am, but what's with the poor use of capital letters?
this has nothing to do with a defective keyboard.
or a deep love for e.e. cummings.
rather, it's just who i am.
good at annoying my best friend, the grammar-capital-letter-proper-use-of-all-words queen?

i've got nothing against the shift key. in fact, i'll use it if something REALLY needs emphasis. or if i have to use "double quotations". but i rarely do either of those. if you see a post written with proper use of capital letters, it means i wrote it on my auto-capitalizing phone. but since i know that will throw you off, and you'll probably wonder if someone else hacked my blog after studying my writing style but not my capital letter style, i usually try to edit them on the computer before publishing them.

you also may notice that i use a lot of run-on sentences. i have no explanation for that, other than i type how i think and i often continue to think and believe that a period would interrupt my thought process, and if you really want to know me, you'll read how i think, which means you'll read a lot of run-on sentences.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

thank you!


thank you so much for your support and donation for our adoption fund. we are not able to fully put into words what it means to us that you took a part of your hard earned money and are helping us complete our adoption.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i'm a work in progress.
just like this list.
i'm finding the silver lining in every day things, and in the process, reminding myself that everything matters. here's a list i'm working on to show myself i love (at least!) 1000 little things. some may end up being repeated, and you know what? that's okay.

1. flowers for no reason
2. the lights on our back patio
3. two email convos and one twitter convo at the same time with my bff.
4. drinking coffee on the patio in the morning
5. unexpected visits from friends
6. my health
7. when my husband fluffs my pillow for me before bed
8. that i can talk to my mom three (or seven) times on the phone in one day
9. that my coworkers have a right to complain about politics
10. air conditioning during 54 days of 100+ temps
11. missing my husband so much
12. cardigans
13. scarves
14. handkerchiefs
15. breakfast for dinner
16. iphones
17. cuddle time with husband after work
18. having dinner on the patio
19. cooler temperatures and wearing a scarf
20. that life is not about me
21. pandora
22. a 10pm trip to target for new furniture
23. public transportation
24. new brake lines on the escape for cheap
25. a $20 off grocery coupon
26. learning a new skill at work
27. forgiveness
28. getting a fancy new lunchpail
29. i'm a daughter of a god who loves
30. cooler weather and car seat heaters
31. making soup in the crock pot
32. enjoying MLB games with husband- it counts as quality time!
33. having a boss who supports me
34. being physically healthy
35. planning a honeymoon!
36. feeling loved
37. productive evenings, even if it means leaving work at 8pm
38. fall in dallas means less humidity
39. so many family visits coming up soon
40. finding new ways to pray to god
41. a chill in the air
42. a good cardigan
43. crafty night with husband
44. planning a halloween bash for work
45. a clean kitchen
46. getting a good night's sleep
47. opportunities
48. good friends
49. pizza, wine, and a good movie
50. busy days
51. husband who cleans the kitchen before 6am
52. a surprise bouquet of fresh flowers
53. a SIL that i get along with
54. the servant's heart in my husband
55. rainy days
56. a beer on the balcony
57. an extra hour
58. fall
59. the color green
60. red nail polish
61. a new dutch oven
62. pumpkin in a can
63. pumpkin cheesecake
64. pumpkin bread
65. game night
66. someone buying me lunch
67. wine on a friday evening
68. foot rubs
69. in-season vegetables.
70. red pens
71. my neti pot
72. pizza for dinner when i don't have energy to cook
73. that husband has just the right words sometimes
74. parents visiting!
75. relaxing walk in the woods
76. animal tracks
77. homemade chai lattes
78. homemade hot cocoa
79. walmart take-and-bake pizza on thanksgiving
80. santa in the macy's parade
81. finding "new" pants in my closet
82. fire pits
83. red wine
84. dark chocolate
85. surprise gifts for someone else
86. new lotion
87. a clean bathroom
88. knee-high socks
89. prayer
90. a good ballpoint pen
91. chocolate-covered peanuts
92. a freezer full of comfort food
93. christmas decorations
94. gingerbread contests
95. a chill in the air
96. cards from loved ones
97. a warm shower when the house is cold
98. cuddles from my dog
99. second chances
100. jesus' birth
101. twinkling lights
102. fresh water
103. disposable income
104. heritage
105. new foods
106. wine
107. a break from school
108. sam's club
109. a job i enjoy
110. coffee
111. hearing more "merry christmas" than "happy holidays"
112. a supportive husband
113. a saving's account
114. modern medicine
115. an understanding boss
116. pantry full of food
117. friends
118. thai takeout
119. crisp winter days
120. salads for dinner
121. hot tea and reality tv
122. my husband
123. planning
124. new starts
125. yarn
126. my enamel dutch oven
127. texting
128. new furniture
129. a husband who knows my taste
130. activities
131. that my old computer still works
132. new year ideas
133. big dinner and lots of friends
134. love
135. redemption
136. friends who offer instead of waiting to be asked
137. fresh vegetables
138. january
139. warm winter
140. new bedroom art
141. manageable goals
142. grocery money
143. the calendar my MIL gave us
144. a steady income
145. good health insurance
146. smart doctors
147. an organized pantry
148. the ability to type
149. gmail
150. crocheting
151. hanging around the campfire with friends
152. cool nights
153. s'mores
154. a new dresser
155. prayer time
156. fresh starts
157. unconditional love
158. our close circle of friends
159. homemade dinner
160. organization
161. sunsets
162. opportunities
163. sushi
164. praise songs
165. flexible menus
166. pearls
167. photoshop
168. new schedules
169. truffle oil
170. gift cards to restaurants
171. guests
172. budgeting
173. only having 3 classes left
174. pre-cooked fajita meat
175. finding a way for lettuce to last a week and a half
176. the bookmark bible plan
177. a clean work desk
178. free yarn
179. gifts for others
180. gifts from others
181. being in love
182. borrowing movies from friends
183. watching ^ those movies with husband
184. getting over fights
185. beautiful january weather
186. that rolls into beautiful february weather
187. "walks" with friends
188. girls who don't let you sit in the jcp parking lot all night alone
189. the name winston winston. it's silly.
190. a paid-off car
191. a paid-off credit card
192. shrimp on sale
193. growth
194. mirror notes
195. the (in)courage desktop design
196. lunch
197. superbowl food
198. dinner out with friends
199. happy hour drinks
200. employees who succeed
201. kind words from friends
202. the smell of coffee
203. enough time to prep snacks on sunday
204. morning cuddles
205. priorities
206. photo ops
207. extra spending money
208. rekindling friendships
209. finding god
210. busy work days
211. holidays
212. planning a honeymoon
213. husband who helps clean the kitchen
214. local veggie co-ops
215. phone calls with my brother
216. hope
217. the smell of vanilla
218. new cologne for husband
219. generous friends
220. early morning prayers
221. working through junk
222. a dad who sends nice morning texts
223. storms that spare loved ones
224. red wine
225. going to bed early
226. foot rubs 
227. fresh baked wheat rolls
228. family for easter
229. dinner with friends
230. celebrating jesus rising from the grave
231. a clean home in 20 minutes
232. time to relax (and blog!)
234. hope
235. new makeup
236. hugs before bed
237. being a preparer
238.  a doggie all caught up on her shots
239... and scheduled for a dental!
240. bright spring clothes
241. my husband
242. chapstick 
243. hockey games and a husband who roots for pittsburgh
244. heartburn medicine
245. air conditioning
246. low electric bills thanks to landlord's energy saving tweaks 
247. worship music
248. beautiful april days
249. target that's close enough to walk to
250. holding husband's hand
251. planning vacations with friends
252. totino's pizza rolls
253. that i have a job
254. public transportation
255. new life
256. the truth
257. harry potter
258. the color green
259. productive days
260. reusable shopping bags
261. tv-free nights
262. tweezers
263. pre-marinated salmon
264. an early spring
265. reese's eggs
266. jello as a healthy dessert
267. sushi
268. cloth napkins
269. bleach 
270. homemade laundry detergent
271. iphone face time
272. fresh tulips
273. aldi's grocery store
274. one texas team to root for
275. internet
276. clean water
277. frozen reese's cups
278. sushi 
279. girlfriends' weekend away
280. my husband's health
281. reusable shopping bags
282. guys' weekend (because it makes me miss him)
283. clean doggy teeth
284. fresh basil
285. selfless husband
286. new home office
287. opportunities
288. music
289. "silly" fortunes in fortune cookies
290. febreeze
291. menu planning
292. journaling
293. chartreuse
294. god's word
295. amazing friends
296. green chile
297. sunny skies
298. hot days
299. cool showers
300. maya lily
301. waking up to a foot rub
302. steak
303. waterfront photos
304. having the ability to walk until my feet hurt
305. sunblock
306. unexpected gifts for others
307. honeymoons
308. paying cash instead of credit cards
309. clean sheets
310. an extra day off
311. patience
312. hope
313. love
314. fresh zucchini
315. mardi gras masks
316. sleeping in our own bed again
317.a CSA
318. fresh basil when mine's dying
319. music
320. clean dishes before 6am
321. quiet time
322. a purpose
323. heart homework
324. fresh starts
325. camping weekends
326. farm fresh tomatoes
327. homemade salsa
328. the time to make quality food
329. less than 3 weeks left of school!
330. a husband who helps around the house.
331. new pillows
332. friends with children
333. new phones
334. a god who listens
335. a quiet lake
336. walking with husband and dog
337. oklahoma city
338. the village as a commonality
339. god-provided options
340. fresh air
341. citronella
342. burn relief
343. anonymous donors
344. baseball games
345. redeeming sundays
346. no flies!
347. puppy kisses
348. clean bed linens
349. healthy friends
350. running into friends on a saturday morning
351. spending the morning at the thrift store
352. flaked sea salt with lavender
353. extra income for baby
354. visiting friends for game night
355. budget overhaul
356. fish
357. delicious home cooked meals
358. naps
359. the london olympics!
360. friends who enjoy GIVING pedicures
361. tv-free nights
362. learning new skills
363. impressing my MIL
364. handmade christmas gifts in july
365. being able to provide guidance to 9 other women
366. making new friends
367. new nail polish
368. days that are busy because we have a great community
369. generosity of strangers
370. scentsy sales for adoption money
371. junk food television
372. shopping sales
373. new soaps
374. hot tea
375. taking photographs
376. making friends that last more than a church service
377. my dog
378. having friends over for a sunday evening gathering
379. weight loss
380. progress on our adoption
381. free magazine subscriptions
382. holiday monday cuddles
383. self-sealing envelopes
384. goodwill shirts that are just the style you've been looking for
385. neighbors who make off-limits foods and doesn't tempt you with them
386. bookstore sales
387. bookstores that buy back books
388. lincoln
389. the relationship we have with our birth mom
390. hospitality of family
391. new adventures
392. 4-wheel drive
393. goals
394. snow boots
395. holiday calories
396. a helpful husband
397. nail polish
398. that i'm not a celebrity
399. the option to hustle
400. friends who drive across the country with you
401. reliable nap times
402. the ability to save money
403. positive let downs
404. enough food that i do not have "wants"